Bluefield Floating Homes For Sale – 08/23

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Buying a houseboat can be an exciting and unique choice, offering a lifestyle that combines the comfort of a home with the tranquillity of living on the water.

Bluefield Luxury Floating Homes provide a direct connection to the water, allowing you to enjoy wonderful views, the soothing sound of the water, and a unique sense of serenity. You’ll have the opportunity to experience a waterfront lifestyle without the need for a traditional land-based property.

Living on a houseboat can offer a sense of freedom and adventure. You can easily change your surroundings by moving your houseboat to different locations, exploring new areas, and enjoying various waterfront communities… You can enjoy activities like fishing, kayaking, swimming, and observing marine life right from your doorstep.

They can also act as a fantastic investment, with Air B & B type lettings, your new floating home could contribute to your running costs at your convenience.


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