HeyDay Wake Boats – Demo Day

With the incredible technology in these boats, it is now possible to find waves to surf further inland. Welcome to wakesurfing.


This is a pretty new sport and relatively easy to learn even if you have no board sport experience. Typically learning on a 5′ long board, once you’re pulled up from the water (using a rope attached to the boat), you literally surf the wake of the boat maintaining momentum through the power of the water. Radddical man.

Like every Heyday, the WT-1SC is designed from the bottom up for wake sports. The special hull shape is designed to displace more water, which means more water fuelling the wave and your ride. The unique angled transom adds natural curl to your surf waves for a better surf pocket.

A few members of our staff at Bates Wharf love this new sport and in collaboration with HeyDay, we are keen to get news of this fantastic sport nationwide. As such, we are looking to run a demonstration in Spring 19 with a view to run 10-15 minute sets per customer (first time you will feel the burrrrrn) with the HeyDay WT-1 confirmed, most likely over a weekend and would like to gauge interest. May well be so popular that we will have the WT-2 & WT-Surf on demo too!

SO! Let the excitement begin and register you interest with your name, number of people wanting to have a go and contact details to parts@bateswharf.co.uk 

The more interest we get, the more boats we will have!