Design skills, research, innovation: this is the well-known DNA of Sessa Marine. Engineer Camillo Brega founds the company in ’58 for the moulding of plastics: among the first to use phenolic resins, marine production began in Sessa in 1968 Aurunca, hence the company name. In the 1970s it was the first a produce small inboard jet boats, with vibrant colors and attractive design. In the 1980s, with the acquisition of the Fyberstamp shipyard, moved to the province of Bergamo, building bigger boats and renewing ranges: models iconic such as Samba, Mambo, Sunshine, give way to Oyster, Key West, Key Largo.

All this to say that in the new flagship of the renewed Key Largo line there is a concentration of history, skill, design. And it shows. The sporty designed look right from the quay by Centrostiledesign stands out: the profile is clear, recognizable, with a “Z” design border clearly descending towards stern, where it elegantly incorporates the platform. Also there rail is designed not only functionally but aesthetically, projecting forward and helping to give impetus to the lines.

The metallic livery has a mirror effect finish that nicely integrates the windows on the sides, whose design contributes  to streamline the lines.

On board you will immediately appreciate the luxurious two-tone white / red upholstery and the almost obsessive attention to detail, such as the sealant of the teak filarotti in the same grey as the hull and steel bollards customized with the shipyard’s logo.

But the ace in the hole the Key Largo 40 is played when the cockpit, with a simple hydraulic control, expands by overturning the sides that join the aft platform. To the centre dominate the U-shaped sofas, with sliding back allows you to turn to the sea or to the central table: an open space refined and impact, but also practical, given the large monobloc kitchen leaning against the helm station.

The latter, raised, offers an excellent view and is equipped with well-designed and comfortable seats. The decks, quite easy, lead to the sundeck that occupies the entire forward area.

Going below deck you are pleasantly surprised by dimensions, height and brightness: panoramic windows, kitchen, separate bathroom, forward sofa with table, convertible into a bed. Under the cockpit, a double cabin, necessarily low but still comfortable and wide: space left free by the motorization, given the use of outboard, thus allowing you to fully exploit the internal volumes.

Impressive engine right at first glance: three Mercury Verado for a total of 900 HP. In test the Verado stands out for its absence of vibrations and silence, excellent response Active Trim with automatic GPS system, very precise electro-hydraulic steering. The shift / throttle system electronic SmartCraft, with immediate reaction to the throttle and soft shift shifting, provides sports car control. Excellent behaviour of the hull, “V” very deep up to mid-hull, soft on the wave, without drifting and with modest roll. The speed maximum reached in testing was 43.5 knots, with an acceleration that allowed to reach the plane from a standstill in just 5”.

For those who want even more are available three Verado 450 for a total of 1350 HP, which they bring the speed to 55 knots.

Construction and preparation

Materials (hull, deck, superstructures): fiberglass, deck finished in teak. Hull with white gelcoat or with paints metallic (air blue, black, silver) – Type of layering: manual – Geometry of the hull: V polyhedral – Element’s ventilation: runners – Movable floors: Lenco double piston hydraulic flaps – Stabilizers: Seakeeper 3 (opt) – Bow equipment: Quick windlass Prince DP2 – Aft platform: fixed.

Ratings on the boat tested.

Technical deck layout: excellent and rational, with excellent components; in points strategic holds and handrails are placed; wide side decks, with high gunwale and side rail stainless steel from amidships to the bow, jutting out to leave more space. Occupant sundeck the whole forward part is slightly recessed in the hull to offer more protection. Cockpit layout: of a high standard, with great attention to the comfort of passengers; excellent solution with U-shaped sofa and telescopic central table partially collapsible, convertible into a sundeck, and two electro-hydraulic side balconies, which open to join the aft platform. Optional the T-top in carbon. A kitchen cabinet behind the dashboard contains a sink, a barbecue plate, refrigerator, and door for objects. Self-inflating raft accommodation: in dedicated aft locker. Non-slip treatment: good grip everywhere, ensured by the elegant strong tea thickness, made with care and with comments to match the hull. Loading compartments: large and suitable for the type of boat. Ergonomics of the dashboard: excellent, both for upright and sitting position; ergonomic and enveloping the three seats with quality handcrafted upholstery. Extremely complete and modern the instrumentation of the console, in carbon. View from the dashboard: excellent in all directions, favoured by the large, curved windscreen, without uprights or frames. Articulation of the interiors: open space of great effect, high and with large windows e panoramic. Modern and rational design, with central kitchen area and large sofa a V in the bow with central table, convertible into a double bed. Under the cockpit, with limited height, double cabin in any case comfortable and full beam, with windows on the bulwarks. Elegant choice of materials and light colors that amplify the brightness. Finish: high quality everywhere, even in the less visible points. Kitchen: located near the lower deck entrance staircase, complete, with drawer fridge, microwave oven, marble top, hob, sink and numerous doors. Toilet: in a dedicated room, comfortable, well equipped, without separate shower, it enjoys good ventilation and natural lighting through a large porthole. Modern design and use of high-quality materials. Noise and vibrations: excellent comfort both in the cockpit and in the cabin; the Mercury Verado stands out for its best-in-class silence and the absence of vibrations. The soundproof grille absorbs the high frequency sound waves of the motor and foot, while the multi-chamber silencer reduces noise to 14 db. The absence of vibrations is due, in addition to the balancing of the six cylinders in line, also to the double supports, positioned around the engine block in an innovative way. Rudder response: extremely responsive and effective. Trim correctors response: Active Trim Mercury, with automatic system with GPS integrated, it is based on speed to automatically adjust the trim of the engine. Lenco double piston hydraulic flaps are also present. The boat is also very stable without correctors, as proof of a precise weight distribution. Directional stability: excellent at all speeds. Turn radius: narrow and with minimal heel. Stability in approach: excellent. Manoeuvrability in confined waters: already excellent, it becomes exceptional with the use of the joystick.

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