Rand Picnic 18


Picnic 18 is the new, ultrasimple approach to social activity at sea. Designed around the central picnic-table the 18ft open daycruiser is the perfect platform for plug-and-play social experiences on water, and has bonded friends and families through early brunch outings to the late night swims across the world since it’s launch in 2015.


As a result of the company vision, RAND Boats has created the unique RAND Picnic boat.  This motorboat is innovative, user-friendly and easy to maintain.  In addition the Picnic is driven with minimum environmental impact, due to RAND Boats sustainable approach to motorboat design. The RAND Picnic introduces a brand new approach to leisure time activity at sea.


Picnic 18 is among the most popular electric daycruisers on the market and has spread quickly to customers across the world looking for that easy-to-use platform for getting on the water. It is simple to operate, has perfect steering capabilities and a surprisingly high degree of stability making it optimal as well for customers with little or no previous sailing experience.


The center dining table captures the essence of the Picnic-idea, and has been the pivoting point of many joyous moments for it’s owners and passengers since the 2015 launch. With smooth rounded corners inviting for the hand’s caress, the table can be fitted with four stainless steel cup holders or left in its clean original state for the traditional picnic look – a joy either way for the party of ten lucky enough to enjoy a meal or drinks aboard the beautiful 18 feet daycruiser.


By lowering the centre picnic table and laying across a custom four-cushion sun lounge the front part of the Picnic 18 turns into a whooping 200×180 cm sunbed perfect for a relaxing nap or drying in the sun after a refreshing dip in the water.


The RAND Picnic is sustainably produced at RAND Shipyard with the focus of optimizing hydrodynamic efficiency, and optimal environments for pleasurable sailing. Picnic 18 is carefully designed to attain the most fuel-efficient performance at speeds from 5 to 30 knots, making it perfect for electric propulsion. The unique hull construction and remarkably low 18 cm draft lets Picnic 18 shoot through waves and handle refractions with unusual balance and stability, and provides a pleasant plane sensation for those inclined to higher speed levels.

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Technical Information

Electric or Petrol
Hull length: 535 cm
Hull width: 210 cm

Weight: 390 kg
Draft: 18 cm
Maximum crew: 10 persons

Power rating: 50kW
Battery size: Engine size and battery capacity is adjusted to your personal needs
Power rating: 60HP
Fuel capacity: Up to 45L

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