The Bates Wharf Way

“The Bates Wharf Way…”

Our aim is to make our customers feel at ease from the moment they walk through our doors.

Whether it is your first time or a repeat visit, each and every customer is greeted with a smile, offered a seat and some refreshments whilst we discuss their boating requirements.

To gauge an outline of the perfect boat for you, we ask a number of initial basic qualifying questions relating to:

  • Budget – Cash or part exchange or marine mortgage
  • New or Used – Stock or Brokerage craft
  • Usage – River/Sea, Slow/Powerful, Day/Overnight Boat, Towing, etc.

From the above information, we are able to present you with the suited craft we have available. Upon viewing, we show you in detail the features of the boat and demonstrate the benefit of each feature in terms of your individual requirements.

We offer a demonstration on our listed pre-owned and brokerage boats where possible. Upon demonstration, we run through all the systems with you on-board to arrive at a basic snagging list. Once back in the office (refreshments offered and sitting comfortably), we run through any snags found on the demonstration and explain procedures to further the purchase and what to expect in terms of costs and responsibility so there are few surprises once the surveys are completed.

We also quantify the costs involved in relation to keeping your chosen boat on an annual basis with insurance, mooring, cleaning, servicing and maintenance.

So, in simple terms, our “Bates Wharf Way” includes:

  • Making you feel at home
  • Qualifying and quantifying your boating desires
  • Viewing and demonstrating boats
  • Viewing every key feature of each model viewed to make an informed choice
  • On demonstration, creating a basic snagging list where required
  • Advice on survey fees and procedure
  • Informative step by step assistance throughout surveys
  • Discuss the next steps for completion
  • Easy payment options – we accept Pounds, Euros & Dollars
  • Receiving full boat title and completion paperwork, complete with our welcome goodies!
  • Hand over, tuition & familiarisation
  • Full after sales service
  • Repeat business through your boating life…!