TIME FOR A NEW ONE? let bates wharf sell your boat

When selling your boat, there are a couple of options. We offer a comprehensive brokerage service and part exchange where possible*.

Brokerage Information

We work with you to establish a realistic sales price for your boat, photograph it (when possible) and complete a full specification for online and in-showroom marketing.

Why choose Bates Wharf to sell your boat?

  • We have been selling boats for many years and are confident with our abilities
  • We have a great knowledge of the market
  • We do all the work for you – we can even wash it for you!
  • We are a member of British Marine, and as such, we have a dedicated Client’s Account
  • We have a database of potential purchasers

Advantages of selling on brokerage

  • We do all the work – we can arrange transport to get your boat here, wash it, list it and get it sold!
  • As boat sales are our business, we are confident in our knowledge of the market and ability to advise you
  • As members of the BMF, we have a dedicated Client Account which keeps your money safe at all times.
  • We have a huge database of potential purchasers which receive monthly newsletters of newly listed and featured boats
  • We can assist the purchaser with regards to survey procedures and finance requirements
  • We can handle the settlement of any outstanding finance


  • If you have found your dream boat and are waiting on your current boat to sell via brokerage, this can cause a delay, but not to worry – you can part exchange!
  • Boat sales can be seasonal dependant which could affect the time scale of sale
  • Upon survey, the client can negotiate the price over works where required; this can delay a sale

advantages of part exchange

  • You are never without a boat
  • If we have the boat in stock or it is a stock owned used boat, you can be back on the water within two weeks
  • If it is a stock boat, the boat will be sold fully valeted, serviced and antifouled (where required) and comes with three months engine warranty
  • No brokerage fees

Disadvantages of part exchange

  • You may receive a higher re-sale figure if sold privately or on brokerage.

*subject to viewing, price agreed etc.

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