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EMPOWERING BOATERS TO SHAPE TOMORROW: Born from our dedication to Danish design and innovation, we craft aesthetic, eco-conscious, and user-friendly motorboats. Sailing embodies freedom, and we invite you to share this experience. Join us in embracing the future of boating.

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Rand Picnic 18

A focus on hydrodynamic and graceful lines.

Rand Breeze 20

Embark on the ultimate urban escape.

Rand Source 22

The perfect companion for those seeking high-speed excitement and the freedom to explore.

Rand Mana 23

Indulge in a world of serenity on this eco-friendly day cruiser.

Rand Play 24

Crafter to offer fun, performance and speed.

Rand Spirit 25

The perfect balance of comfort and sport.

Rand Supreme 27

Indulge in the pleasures of a life well lived and explore the ocean with elegance and finesse.

Rand Leisure 28

Elevate leisure boating to an art form on a luxurious platform for relaxation and social connection.

Rand Roamer 29

Utilise every moment of your adventure to explore, enjoy and connect with the sea.

Rand Escape 30

Escape the ordinary.

Rand Archipelago 32

Even smarter. Even more capable. Even more captivating.

Rand Solara 33

Elevate the boating experience to new heights on a luxurious lounge-like terrace on the water.

Rand Realm 44

Uniting day yachting and adventure boating – for the first time.

Rand New & Used Boats For Sale from Boat Broker Bates Wharf. Explore our range from Rand Picnic 18, Breeze 20, Source 22, Mana 23, Play 24, Spirit 25, Supre 27, Leisure 28, Roamer 29, Escape 30, Archipelago 32 to Solara 33.