Storing your boat correctly through the winter months can prevent the effects of corrosion and avoid the ill effects of moisture. The freezing temperatures can lead to seized pumps, cracked engine blocks and broken fittings. These are potentially very expensive to fix. The more extensively you winterize your boat, the easier the relaunch in the Spring, leaving you more time to enjoy on the water.

Winterising will ensure that the following preventative measures are taken:

  • Engines are drained of water.
  • Antifreeze added into engine water system.
  • Engine internals protected with a ‘storage seal’.
  • Batteries charged and disconnected, unless in water as the Bilge pump will require power.
  • Fuel system treated with a fuel inhibiter.
  • Boat water systems, including the toilet are drained of water.
  • Covers are securely fitted.
  • Heaters fitted in engine and in cabin areas where supplied, we do NOT recommend heaters only. If the power fails, damage will occur.
  • Moisture absorbing crystals or a dehumidifier are left in cabin where supplied.
  • Trailered boats bung left out and outdrive in down position.
  • By carrying out the above, you can prevent damage to your boat over the winter months. It also makes sense to service the engine at the end of the season, making it all fresh and ready to go in the spring without the potential problems of dirty, old and possibly contaminated oil and perished impellers to worry about. boating requirements.

Please contact your local office for more information.

*The above information is provided by Kings Marine Ltd as guidance only.