Blue Health – What Is It & What Does IT Mean For Me

the idea that being near or on water is good for physical and mental health.

Blue health is a popular, global topic that is fast becoming a household phrase, with more research taking place every year to uncover the benefits. 

The official definition of blue health is: “the idea that being near or on water is good for physical and mental health.

From 2016 to 2020, a pan-European research initiative called, ‘Blue Health,’ was launched to investigate the affect of blue spaces on health. In the first international review of its kind, a team from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) analysed findings from 35 scientific studies. They found that interaction with blue spaces had a positive effect on mental health, particularly for stress reduction and perceived wellbeing.

In 2019, Exeter University researchers used survey data from nearly 26,000 respondents and revealed those living nearer England’s coastline experienced a higher level of positive mental health, than those living inland.


Whilst you may not live near the coast, rivers, lakes and inland waterways are also shown to offer the benefits of blue health. Our Luxury Floating Homes give immediate access to the benefits of blue health by floating literally on it. The large windows offer panoramic views, large balcony doors offer floor to ceiling views and the balcony offers the wonderful feeling of seamless indoor-outdoor living.

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From lakes, rivers and canals to coastal landscapes, how does so called Blue Health benefit our well-being? Listen to Dr Matthew White, who is part of the EU BlueHealth research programme explain all here.