Houseboats, as the name implies, are boats used as homes, either permanently or for holidays. With land becoming scarce and costly, more people are turning to houseboats as a practical living option. Concerns about environmental issues like flooding are also driving interest in alternative and sustainable housing solutions. Even holidaymakers are now considering houseboats as eco-friendly holiday accommodations.

Life On Water Without The Compromise

At Bluefield Houseboats we are redefining the very concept of a houseboat. With unique modern designs that provide all the same comforts you would expect from an on land home, we are offering a new, exciting and alternative way of living on water. We have developed a range of unique and modern houseboats that truly redefine life on water, whether for a permanent residence or holidaying in a marina or lake. Additionally, our versatile R Series designs can be adapted for commercial use, serving as floating offices, restaurants, cafes, gyms, or retail spaces.

We provide turnkey solutions at prices to suit all budgets, making our products accessible and commercially viable alternatives to land-based living. We offer standard houseboat designs as well as bespoke houseboats with a full in-house service from design and manufacture to delivery and installation.

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