With cuddy cabins and some sports cruisers, portable cassette toilets offer the convenience of having a toilet on board without all the pluming required with a sea toilet. Similar procedures can be used with built in holding tanks to keep them more hygienic & clean smelling.

For 2020, we have chosen our toilet product of the year to be: ONE-CHEM™CASSETTE TOILET CLEANER.

why One-Chem™Cassette Toilet cleaner


  • It has a clever measuring device (built in), which means no more wasteful overdosing.
  • Is concentrated, giving up to 40 doses. New One-Chem™ is a concentrated formula. Up to 40 doses based on 20ml of Concentrated Cassette Toilet servicing up to 20 litres waste tank and 5 ml per 8 litres flush tank, four times as much as some other leading brands. *40 doses based on – 10 litre waste tank and 8 litre flush tan
  • Works for both flush and waste tanks

If you’ve ever wondered why you have to put different solutions in your flush and waste water tanks, you’re not alone. So did we! That’s why we came up with One-Chem™. New concentrated One-Chem has been developed specifically for camping, caravanning and cassette toilets. Our one-bottle formula means there’s no need to faff around with two separate bottles. Simply follow the instructions on the bottle, using the right amount of One-Chem for your toilet. No hassle, no fuss. That’s all there is to it!

  • Is environmentally friendly, bio-degradable, pH neutral and formaldehyde free

Around the world the move to ban formaldehyde based toilet chemicals in favour of more environmentally friendly chemicals is gathering pace. Formaldehyde based chemicals are now banned in many campsites across the UK and Europe, but the problem for many chemical toilet owners is that the ‘green’ alternatives simply haven’t worked as well as their harmful competitors… until now.
New concentrated One-Chem™ is guaranteed to be completely formaldehyde free and can be used at all formaldehyde free disposal points. It’s also completely biodegradable and pH neutral. What’s more important is that concentrated One-Chem REALLY WORKS! Our unique formula helps to quickly break down solid waste, making the unpleasant job of servicing your chemical toilet as pleasant as it can be!

  • Is safe, effective and smells great!

One-Chem™ has been designed to be completely safe and hassle free to use, and is even non-staining in case of spillages. Our concentrated One-Chem formula has a pleasant odour, which lasts and lasts, giving you a fresh smelling toilet day-after-day.

We’ve made One-Chem to be the safest, most effective product available, but you should always read the instructions on the label.