• Azimut S6 is the second model in the new S generation sports range from Azimut Yachts.
  • Carbon plays the lead role, representing another milestone in the shipyard’s pioneering research and development work.
  • The combination of Carbon Tech and a propulsion system with three Volvo Penta IPS units puts the yacht at the forefront of technology in its category, with the ability to achieve high levels of fuel consumption efficiency combined with peerless handling and silent running.
  • The sporty exterior design is by Stefano Righini, with the brand’s iconic diamond-shaped deckhouse windows giving the boat an unmistakably appealing profile. The interiors are the work of Francesco Guida.
  • Official debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2018.

The little brother of the S7 and recognised as a design icon after featuring in the installation at Milan Design Week, the S6 is up-front about its strong and determined personality: a pure coupé with sporty DNA that looks set to leave its mark on the history of yacht world development, offering unprecedented levels of fuel consumption efficiency obtained with the help of the three IPS propulsion units and Carbon Tech. The cutting-edge technical content combined with decor that is as sophisticated as it is smart, and likewise the sportiness and elegance that don’t challenge each other but live together in perfect harmony, are the distinctive assets that this project has invested in.

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Exterior design. Sharp lines and innovation to turn heads

The exteriors designed by Stefano Righini reflect and accentuate the collection’s inborn sportiness. The big diamond-shaped deckhouse windows, which are built on slightly angled planes and have diagonal joints in a typical Righini innovation, create an evocative play on reflections that is the perfect foil for the boat’s sharp lines and give the yacht an immediately recognisable profile.

The S6 retains the distinctive features of S models: the bow shield on the trapezoid bow and the  special geometry of the glazed surfaces in the hull, which flood the interiors with light and the owner’s suite in particular.

Interior design. The “cosy minimal” that unites elegance and simplicity

Francesco Guida, for whom this is his second project with the shipyard, has decorated the interiors using a style that draws on a modern and discrete sense of elegance and stands out for its freshness and refinement.

Functional spaces, remarkable comfort and respect for geometrical proportions are just some of the cornerstones of the approach that inspired the project.

The version of the S6 presented at Cannes sets off two different wood varieties, light and dark-coloured oak, in an original pairing, combining them with wooden tops featuring original patterns and glossy finishes in polished chrome-plated steel frames. The result is a refined play on colour contrasts and finishes, conjuring up a mood that’s full of character. Lighting plays a key role, with indirect sources used to give the spaces an airier feel. Customers can also choose more accentuated colour contrasts that set off Thai wood against dark oak.

Layout. Uncompromising livability and comfort

The big outdoor spaces include a cockpit containing a roomy sun lounging area and a dining space with mobile bar shaded from the sun. Another sunbathing area forward in the bow is trapezoid in shape, with a big free area and a forward-facing sofa. Among the other special features of the exteriors is the decision to upholster the deck cushions in Batyline, a sophisticated technical fabric.

A lot of effort has gone into the storage areas, to ensure the best possible use of the space available, with lockers designed to comfortably accommodate fenders, chairs and onboard equipment.

The layout of the interiors is the ultimate expression of the trend in contemporary yacht building for more space, more comfort and more convenience, combined with the desire to keep the sporting spirit of the S collection intact.

The day area consists of a very spacious and welcoming lounge area, with a dining table and a tailor made sofa to offer the owner and guests unprecedented comfort in the yacht world, under the banner of ergonomics and without sacrificing the necessary storage space. The sofa faces a 49-inch TV.

Like latest generation sports boats, the kitchen is located on the main deck and the design is unequivocally refined: flowing lines accompanied by staggered volumes and surfaces contribute to an original design that is the perfect fit for the boat’s style. The appliances are by Miele, the shipyard’s preferred brand for many years, because of their low power consumption and excellent durability. The sporty two-seat helm station has a spirited look that reflects the line’s inborn dynamism. 

The Lower Deck, reached by means of a central stairway, contains a night area made up of three cabins and two bathrooms. The master cabin amidships has a double bed in a diagonal arrangement to maximise livability and freedom of movement. Small armchairs or, on request, a vanity table or another piece of fine furniture, complete the decoration of this light-flooded setting.

The IPS700 integrated propulsion system, which reduces the size of the engine room in favour of the guest area on the Lower Deck, taken together with the decision to put the crew cabin in the bow, have made it possible to design a remarkably spacious VIP cabin. Positioned in one of the widest points of the hull with the fewest obstructions, the VIP cabin offers more breadth and full-height spaces on both sides of the bed, making it a valid alternative to the owner’s suite.

Carbon Tech. The innovation continues

The decision to make extensive use of carbon fiber in boat construction, the result of a long-term research and investment effort, forms part of an ambitious project launched in 2015 with the Azimut 72 Flybridge, the first model of the Carbon-Tech generation. The Avigliana shipyard, one of the most technologically advanced in Europe, is the only major builder of serial production boats that feature the extensive use of carbon. One of the reasons for this is the company’s in-house post curing oven, which raises the temperature of manufactured parts to 60°C in a controlled manner, ensuring that the composite material has optimum mechanical characteristics. On the S6, the superstructure, the stern platform, the garage, the sun roof and part of the deck are made from carbon fiber.

The lamination process for all the big carbon and glass fiber surfaces makes exclusive use of vinyl ester resin, which is applied both to the leathers for exteriors and in the infusion cycle.

The result is significantly reduced weight thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber, accompanied by maximum product quality and durability deriving from high construction standards.

Three propulsion units:  being a forerunner has its benefits

The S6, like its big sister the S7, is fitted with three IPS propulsion units. Azimut Yachts’ Innovation Lab immediately recognised the huge potential of the three-unit IPS solution by Volvo Penta and invested time and resources in designing a boat that reaps all the benefits of this system. The designs were then discussed with a team of engineers from Volvo Penta to optimise the hull lines, with a special focus on the design of the central tunnel that houses the third IPS unit. The geometry of the tunnel is defined as a function of the hull’s target draught and subsequently optimised to reduce water resistance to a minimum. The hull has a deadrise of 15.5° at the transom and 21.2° amidships. 

The three IPS700 integrated propulsion systems are driven by a 7.7-litre Volvo Penta D8 engine with 6 inline cylinders, a twin-flow turbo system and a volumetric compressor, rated 550 bhp (405 kW) and delivering a top speed of up to 35 knots.

This decision puts the S6 at the forefront of technology in the industry and delivers some major benefits, the most important being fuel consumption efficiency.

The triple-IPS solution also reduces vibration, noise and gross tonnage, as well as increasing the distance between the external pivoting pods, which clearly translates into superior handling response and faster acceleration. The smaller size also makes it possible to position the engine room further aft, benefiting the accommodation area.

Other useful and functional features are joystick driving to govern the yacht in the simplest possible way and Active Trim Control, which automatically adjusts both lateral and longitudinal trim to ensure the best fuel consumption efficiency at all speeds.

The compact engine room frees up space for a huge garage that can contain a 3.3-meter-long hydrojet tender. On the S6 too, Azimut Yachts offers a personalised tender, the PIRELLI J33 – Azimut Special Edition, built especially by Tecnorib. This elegant RIB is available in two colourways, Burgundy Charm and Grey Elegance, which combine the iconic features of both Azimut and Pirelli.


Lunghezza fuori tutto Length overall18.00 m / 59’ 1’’
Larghezza max                                           Beam (max)4.75 m /15’ 7”
Immersione massimaMaximum draught1.61 m / 5’ 3”
Dislocamento a pieno caricoDisplacement (at full load)29.4 t
Motori/trasmissioniEngines/Transmission3 x VOLVO D8  IPS 700 (405 kW – 550 hp)
Velocità massimaMaximum speed (performance test mass)35 Kn
Velocità di crocieraCruise speed (performance test mass)30 kn
Serbatoio carburanteFuel tank capacity2600 l (687 US Gls)
Serbatoio acque dolciWater tank capacity590 l (156 US Gls)
Serbatoio acque nereBlack water tank capacity175 l (46.2 Us Gls)
Serbatoio acque grigieGrey water capacity175 l (46.2 Us Gls)
CabineCabins3 + 1 crew
Posti lettoBerths6 + 1 crew
ServiziHeads2 + 1 crew
Forma di carenaHull designDeadrise 15.5° at transom, 21.2° midship
Materiale di costruzioneBuilding materialCarbon fiber + GRP
CostruttoreBuilderAzimut Yachts
Design esterniExterior designStefano Righini
Design interniInterior designFrancesco Guida
Progettista carenaHull designerAzimut Yachts R&D
Categoria / CertificazioneCategory CE B
Portata massimaMaximum capacity12 persone/ 12 people
Prezzo standard (franco cantiere di Savona)Standard price (ex works Savona Yard)Upon request
Normativa UNI ISO 8666 Le prestazioni definite sono valide per un’imbarcazione in configurazione standard (equipaggiamenti standard installati) con carena eliche e timoni puliti. Inoltre si precisa, che tali prestazioni sono state rilevate con buone condizioni di mare e di vento (scala Beaufort indice 1, Scala Douglas indice 1); condizioni di mare diverse e peggiorative possono significativamente influenzare le prestazioni. Marchio CE Data la continua evoluzione tecnologica, Azimut-Benetti S.p.A. si riserva il diritto di modificare in qualsiasi momento e senza preavviso le specifiche tecniche delle sue imbarcazioni.Regulations UNI ISO 8666 The levels of performance described apply to a standard craft (with standard equipment installed) with clean hull, propeller and rudders. Moreover, it is specified that such levels of performance were achieved under favourable sea and wind conditions (1 on the Beaufort scale and 1 on the Douglas scale); in the case of diverse or less favourable sea conditions performance levels may vary considerably. EC Approved. Owing to constant technological developments, Azimut-Benetti S.p.A. reserves the right to modify the technical specifications  of its boats at any time and without prior notice.
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